July 2018 dividend portfolio report
July 2018 dividend portfolio report - Overview

July 2018 dividend portfolio report

Hello and welcome to my July 2018 dividend portfolio report.  Here I will go over changes that I made to my portfolio this month. I will also show how the portfolio performed this month.  If you would like to look at the report for June you can find it here

Portfolio sells

In July I continued to reduce the fund holdings that I currently have in my portfolio.  I have decided to slowly reduce  fund holdings over the coming few months to zero. Funds while they do perform well have a cost involved that I am now unwilling to pay. It was so bad that some funds were actually costing me money to hold.

I made just the one sell this month. I sold 2755 units of Standard Life Inv Global Smaller Companies Class S which gave me £3,075.26 to move into other investments. After this sell I 5900 remaining units in Standard Life which I will sell over the coming two months.


Portfolio buys

I made two purchases this month.

  • 87 units of Vanguard Funds plc UK Gilt UCITS ETF which cost me £2,003.99
  • 48 units of Vanguard Funds plc FTSE All World High Dividend Yield which cost £2,002.51

Both of these are new investments for me. I decided on these to diversify some of my holdings. I plan to make half my portfolio holding in ETF’s with the other half made up of individual shares.


July was the first month that the re-profiling of my portfolio started to have an effect. In July I received £98.35 ($129) in dividends from my investments. This was a significant increase of £95 from June’s dividends. It also took my total for 2018 up to £123.

The investments that paid a dividend this month were the following.

  • Vanguard Funds FTSE 100 [VUKE] £23.35 ($30.75)
  • Vanguard Funds S&P [VUSA] 500 £7.79 ($10.25)
  • Lindsell Train Global Equity {FUND} £65.41 ($86.07)

The dividend from Lindell train was not a true dividend in the normal sense. The broker fees plus the fund fees consume pretty much all of the money received.

I am currently predicting dividends will drop back down to around £11 for the month of August.

Dividends for 2018 have now hit the first two of my goals. In July I passed the £1 a week mark in dividends mark. I also received enough dividends that if I withdrew them from my account (which I don’t plan to) I could pay for my Amazon Prime subscription.


Here is how my portfolio was split at the and of July 2018

July 2018 dividend portfolio report - Portfolio Split
July 2018 dividend portfolio report – Portfolio Split

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